No two businesses are the same. Thats why we create

Custom Solutions

based on our client's actual needs. Our web consulting

services range from web design to local marketing.

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Local Seven is a small, intelligent web consulting firm based in North Brunswick, NJ. Our focus is on helping local businesses succeed both digitally and in the real world. Learn More.

Our Core Philosophy

What we are about

The goal of our web consulting firm has been and continues to be to create long-term success for local businesses. We believe that by utilizing the web local businesses can more effectively use their existing marketing budgets while at the same time getting better results. By creating success for our clients it is our hope that we can create relationships for years to come.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Some kind words about us

Whatever you've been doing with our little website is working extraordinarily well. We've already acquired three new clients, and today we've had ten inquiries.

David Ursone
Prepress Services